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TLT is looking for actors

If you are an aspiring actor then this a great opportunity to showcase your talent and practice your craft



Shoot: 1-2 Day shoot, 12/13/15 - 12/17/16, Exact Dates TBD


Director: Ben Altarescu


Producer: Dorian Cantrell


Submissions: Please send head shots and resumes to:


Project Synopsis:

Skit #1: A white kid and a black kid buy toy guns at their local bodega. At first it seems like good fun, but when two cops come along, things take a turn for the worse. 

Skit #2: After a church service, a priest walks out two churchgoers; a mother and her son. As they begin to part ways, the priest realizes he's forgotten his coat. Not to worry, the boy gives the priest his hooded sweatshirt. The priest accepts and makes his way home, not knowing that he's just put on the article of clothing that changes the police's perception of him in an instance.






- BOY 1 (12, male, caucasian)


Fun loving, normal kid. Athletic and rambunctious.


- BOY 2 (12, male, african american)


Same as above, plus a charismatic jokester.


BODEGA CLERK (30s - 40s, male, charismatic)


Neighborhood staple, he has seen it all.


POLICE OFFER 1 (30s, male/female, any ethnicity)


NYPD, steady veteran of the force, not easily shaken.


POLICE OFFICER 2 (20s, male/female, any ethnicity)


NYPD, rookie, fresh faced, but still a little jumpy.




PRIEST (40s, male, caucasian)


Peaceful, intelligent, man of god.


MOTHER (late 30s, female, african american)


Prim and proper, genuinely nice with a smile to match. She's at church every Sunday.


SON (14, male, african american)


A good teenager, still accompanies his mother to Church, but is starting to see the outside world for what it is.


POLICE OFFICER 3 (20s, 30s, male, any ethnicity)


NYPD, thinks there's trouble around every corner and not afraid to chase it down. 


PEDESTRIANS (any age, any sex, any ethnicity)


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