What is TLT²?

Our airwaves and newspapers are filled with negative stories about teens. Whether it’s news about violence, teen pregnancy or teen dropout rates the stories are alarming. The news is rarely positive and the sense is that the next generation of adults has little to offer our society.

That’s where Teens Live to Tape Squared (TLT2) comes in.  We are a show, developed and produced by teens for teens.

The mission of The Teens Live to Tape (TLT2) television show is to change negative perceptions by showcasing teens in a positive light through funny sketches, informative discussions and profiles of inspirational teens and adults. We use TLT2 as a way to deliver information on diverse topics such as career and college readiness, healthy relationships, sexuality, local resources for teens, and more. The show also features the Renaissance Youth Center’s Music With A Music band.

TLT2 is filmed in front of a studio audience of teens, giving the show great energy and allowing more teens to be exposed to Renaissance Youth Centers’ programming and social development platforms.

In addition to our messages of positivity TLT2 offers a learning opportunity to the teens who participate. Our teens get hands on experience shooting using top of the line High Definition camera equipment and editing using Final Cut Pro.  We have a brand new studio where teens also learn set design, as well as the proper way to light a set and produce the best sound. Participants also get to engage their creativity by designing the shows content with storyboarding, writing, and acting.  Teens are encouraged to participate in all aspects of production including booking guests, taking part in production meetings and the advertising and marketing of TLT2.